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Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro

3-etcs quick tip Videos—

Download a printable PDF document with written instructions about using the Adobe Connect tools; CheatSheet.pdf. (added 6/1/10)

Participants | Presenters | hosts

NOTE: Some of the recordings listed below are marked "PDF".  These videos must be viewed with Adobe Reader 9.x or higher installed on your machine.  If you don't have Adobe Reader 9.x installed, you may go to the Adobe website here to download and install the Reader.

ANOTHER NOTE:  The permissions below for the three groups are progressive.  That is, as you gain permission rights in an Adobe Connect meeting, rights are "added" as you go.  If as a Host or Presenter you can't find something describing a permission, look in the the lower level or levels above.

Participants & All Others:  This is the basic permission level.  Participants have control over their own microphone (when rights are granted), & the size of their main content area if the Host/Presenter grants that control.  Anything a Participant can do, Hosts & Presenters can do.

Presenters & Hosts:  Presenters have control over content, presentation & microphone rights, but not people themselves or the room layout.  Anything a Presenter can do a Host can do.  Participants cannot do anything listed below.

Hosts Only:  Hosts have full control over layout, content & people in a meeting room. They can do everything Presenters and Participants can do.  Presenters cannot do anything listed below.


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