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Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro


Use the following instructions and videos to help you login to your Connect Pro event.

  1. Login Instructions for Participants:
    This video is for Participants and outlines the simple steps for logging into a meeting where you are not participating beyond use of the text chat or voice—2:30.
  2. Login Instructions for Hosts/Presenters:
    If you are a Host or Presenter view this video for simple login instructions for entry into your meeting room—2:51.
  3. Login for Hosts/Presenters With Lost Invitation:
    If you lost your invitation email you may enter by going to Connect Pro Central.  This access is available only to Hosts and Presenters who have a Connect Pro account.  Those with Guest access only (most of you) will not be able to enter the meeting this way.
    Connect Pro Central login—2:39.
  4. Voice-over-IP (VoIP) Setup for Everyone:
    This video demonstrates the audio test (only available once logged in) that you should perform the first time you enter a Connect Pro
    event.  Adapted from the Adobe web site—2:37.

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