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Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro


Use the information found here to get yourself & your computer ready for an Adobe Connect Pro event.  The instructions below are designed to maximize your Connect Pro experience.

Please make every effort to complete the steps, even if you think your computer is ready.

  1. Test Your Meeting Connection:
    Follow the link here to test the suitability of your computer for connecting to an Adobe Connect Pro event.  This diagnostic will test for your Flash player version, your connection speed, and install the Adobe Connect Add-in for sharing content in a Connect Pro event.  The test usually takes less than a minute.
  2. View the Introduction Video:
    Here are two videos, one for Attendees and one for Host/Presenters.
  3. If you are using a laptop computer with built-in microphone...
    Many of you use your laptop computer to attend Connect Pro events.  you should know that use of the built-in mic results in severe audio noise and reverb problems for other users.

    The best, and easiest remedy is the use of a separate headset/mic combination, or a stand-alone mic with your computer speakers.  ETCS has found that the laptops do not automatically recognize the external hardware.  You must manually set the headset as the default.

    ETCS cannot stress enough how important it is to not use the built-in mic on your laptop, it results in a sub-optimal experience for all users in the event.  The video here is one we created for Centra users with the same problem.  Though created for Centra, the information is still relevant to Connect Pro and computers with the Windows Vista Operating System.

    Disable your Laptop Microphone—1:57. Laptop Mic/Centra-Disable Laptop Mic.shtm

  4. Mic/headsets used with a desktop computer:
    Generally we have not experienced too many problems with mic's and headsets used with a desktop computer and Windows Vista Operating System.  Should you experience problems the remedy illustrated in the "Disable your Laptop Microphone" video above still applies.

    USB: If you are using a microphone or headset that connects via a USB port you must have the device properly connected prior to logging into your Adobe Connect Pro event.  If you continue to experience problems with your USB device once logged into the event, use the procedure for setting your default microphone outlined in the video above.

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Last Revised: 04/13/12



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