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Installation Instructions

Updated for Vista on 2/29/2008

E-mails have been sent to all users to complete the Pre-Installation Steps.  If you have not yet completed these steps, please do so now.

When a new version of CEIS is ready for installation, please follow these step-by-step instructions to install the software on your PC. If you have any questions, please contact ETCS at 882-2096.

Pre-Installation Step(a) - Update Microsoft Windows

If you have the Automatic Updates set, you may not need to proceed with this step.  Click the following link to open the ETCS Tips in Less than a Minute webpage for instructions:  Window Updates

Pre-Installation Step(b) - Update Microsoft Office

If you have the Automatic Updates set, you may not need to proceed with this step.  Click the following link to the Inner Circuits article with instructions for Office product updates. Office Updates

Pre-Installation Step(c) - Update SPYBOT

Click on the following link: Spybot Update  Spybot 1.5.2 became available to users on 2/25/2008. 

Pre-Installation Step(a) - Update SYMANTEC ANTIVIRUS

If you have the Automatic Updates set, you may not need to process this step.  Click this link:  Antivirus Update

NOTE:  VPN Users ONLY.  For users who must start the VPN client before starting CEIS, you will also need to start the VPN before proceeding with the steps indicated here.



Step 1 - Uninstall Previous Version of CEIS

  1. Open Control Panel (dblClick My Computer, dblClick Control Panel) or (Click Start, Click Settings, Click Control Panel)
  2. dblClick Add/Remove Programs
  3. Select the current CEIS Version from the program list.
  4. Click the Change/Remove button.
  5. Click Yes to remove CEIS from your PC. (NOTE: If a message asks about removing shared components, click Remove All.)
  6. successful completion message displays.
  7. Keep the Add/Remove Programs window open for step 2.

Step 2 - Uninstall CEIS Middle Tier

  1. Select CEIS Middle Tier (Application Proxy)
  2. Click the Remove button.
  3. Click Yes to remove the Middle Tier from your PC.  Two quick windows will appear showing uninstall progress. 
  4. Exit the Add/Remove Programs window.
  5. Exit the Control Panel window.

Step 3 - Install CEIS Middle Tier

  1. Click Start,
  2. Click Run.
  3. Enter \\MUETCSCEIS\INSTALL in the text box.
  4. Click OK (a new window opens with the files to install).
  5. dblClick CEIS Middle Tier V7_3.MSI   (Do not use the .CAB file. Check the file type for "Windows Installer Package".  This file displays a computer with a CD as the icon.)
  6. For VISTA users: A message titled "An Unidentified program wants to access your computer" will appear. Click Allow.
  7. A series of 3 windows indicates the installation progress.  No message indicates completion.
  8. Leave the \\MUETCSCEIS\INSTALL folder open for step 4.
Step 4 - Install CEIS
  1. dblClick Setup.EXE  (Look for the Setup item which has file type "Application".   This file will have an icon of a Computer similar to the Middle Tier. Do not click Setup.LST. )
  2. For VISTA users: A message titled "An Unidentified program wants to access your computer" will appear. Click Allow.
  3. A message will display stating "Copying CEIS files...".
  4. A second window will appear titled CEIS Version #.#.# Setup  stating: "Welcome to the CEIS Version #.#.# installation program..." Click OK to continue. 
  5. Another message box titled CEISII Version #.#.# Setup will appear saying "Begin the installation by clicking the button below..."
  6. Click the large button with the picture of the computer on it.  The message next to this button will say "Click this button to install CEIS #.#.# software to the specified destination directory."
  7. An additional message will appear headed CEISII Version #.#.# - Choose Program Group.
  8. Click Continue at the bottom of the message window. (If a message appears indicating "version being installed is older than one installed on your computer..." - click Yes to keep the current version on your PC.)  The installation program will complete the process with a progress bar message displayed and other informational message boxes.
  9. The final message should say "CEIS Version #.#.# Setup was completed successfully". Click OK.
  10. Exit all windows and return to the desktop.

NOTE: After installing, it is extremely important to read the changes for the version. Use this link: New Version Details.

VISTA USERS:  When you start CEIS, you will need to click Allow.

If this is the FIRST time CEIS has ever

 been installed on this computer, you will

 need to complete the following 2 steps

(5 & 6):

Step 5 - Copy CEISStartup.exe

  1. Copy CEISStartup.exe from \\MUETCSCEIS\INSTALL to the C:\Program Files\prjCEIS folder on your hard drive.

Step 6- Create CEIS Desktop Icon

  1. Click on Start
  2. Locate CEIS and Right-Click to select Properties.
  3. In the Target box, enter "C:\Program Files\prjCEISII\CEISStartup.exe"
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Right-Click CEIS again.  (this must be done in this order to function properly)
  7. Click on Properties
  8. Click on the Compatibility tab. 
  9. Click the Run this program as an administrator checkbox in the Privilege Level section at the bottom of the window.  (This step must be processed for each new user who logs into this machine)
  10. Click Apply.
  11. Click OK.
  12. Right-Click on CEIS again.
  13. Click Send to.
  14. Click Desktop (Create shortcut)

Step 6- Change/Check Icon/Program Start Settings

  1. Right-click the desktop icon for CEIS.
  2. Click Properties.
  3. Click the Shortcut tab.
  4. If necessary, change the "Target" line to read as follows:                "C:\ProgramFiles\prjCEISII\CEISStartup.exe"
  5. Click Apply to make the changes permanent.
  6. Click OK to close the window.
  7. Click Start,
  8. Click Programs (or All Programs).
  9. Locate and click CEISII in the list of programs - a small second menu should appear - Right-click CEISII in the small menu.
  10. Click Properties.
  11. Click the Shortcut tab
  12. If necessary, change the "Target" line to read as follows: "C:\ProgramFiles\prjCEISII\CEISStartup.exe" 
  13. Click Apply.
  14. Click OK to close the window.
Step 6 - Install the font for PS Vouchers

Install the BarCode font necessary for Voucher feed.  Instructions for installing this font are located at:  Voucher Feed Instructions

Step 7 - Read the Version Change documentation

Open the version change document located at New Version Details

Step 8 - Run CEIS as you normally do

If you have any problems or questions, contact ETCS.

VISTA USERS:  When you start CEIS, you will need to click Allow.




Last Revised: 09/10/08



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