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Version Originally Installed 10/15/2007

NOTE:  Some version numbers are skipped - they are simply necessary updates for system performance or for the programmers accessibility.


03/03/2009 - v 7.3.50

Mechanical Entry - Changed to allow display of Data Upload MEs which were downloaded from People Soft.

02/16/2009 - v 7.3.49

Output - Standard Reports - Fee Tally - Fixed problem when no registrants have a fee for the course.  Program was giving error and not completing.

01/26/2009 - v 7.3.48

Travel Expense - Modified to print on new (Jan 09) travel expense forms.  If more than 10 lines of detail, will print on multiple excel instances.  Final detail page will contain summary lines for other pages.  If more than 3 lines of accounting breakout, additional pages containing up to 3 lines of accounting each will instantiate.  All excel pages will need to be printed and processed to accounting.

10/24/2008 - v 7.3.47

Web Funds Backend - Added MOCode, AccountValue and OriginalRevenueMTID to the columns displayed for the transaction search.

10/16/2008 - v 7.3.46

Web Refunds - Corrected error with send email notification to units and VPO when web refunds are generated.

8/12/2008 - v 7.3.44

Web Funds Backend - Modified reports for IATs Fees and Bank card fees to be reported monthly.

6/25/2008 - v 7.3.42

Chartfield Definition - List of chartfields modified to only display currently active chartfields.  Also Changed format of both the search list and the entry window.

5/30/2008 - v 7.3.39

WebFundsBackend - Required items to be saved before they can be printed from the subtotals button.

5/14/2008 - v 7.3.38

Output - Fixed issue with FRTI Session tickets to print the DOB and attempt printing on Excel 2007.

5/9/2008 - v 7.3.37

Project Fee Definition - Added checks to disable update of fee when changing mocode or accountvalue for a previously saved web-viewable fee.

4/30/2008 - v 7.3.35

Registration - Auxiliary Items - fixed debug error when entering data for registrant in longer field.

4/30/2008 - v 7.3.35

Project - Auxiliary Field - increased field data to hold 500 characters.  Field description is already 250 characters. Layout of window changed to facilitate the longer length. NOTE: this will affect the display of the web site dramatically - making the page much longer.

Output - Project Registration - Auxiliary - report reformatted to handle the new longer data in the auxiliary field.

Registration - Auxiliary Items - to facilitate longer data and field descriptions, auxiliary items split to 2 tabs.  Additional space give to auxiliary field to properly display as much of item as possible.

4/17/2008 - v 7.3.34

Fee Definition - correct problem with creating new fee.

4/16/2008 - v 7.3.33

Fee Definition - added fields for Enable and Expire times on all fees.  This will allow CEIS to utilize both the date and time for fees to determine which will display as available for registrations or payments in CEIS.  On-Line registrations already use the date feature, and will now also use the time element to determine if a fee should be displayed at a specific moment.

Project Definition - added Enable Date/time and expanded Expire Date to include time in list of fees.

Web Funds Backend - corrected problem with selecting items and using the Subtotals button.

4/1/2008 - v 7.3.32

Standard Reports - Misc - New VPO Report - added new report for vpo for projects by teaching technique.  This report is not currently available to the units.

3/21/2008 - v 7.3.31

Registration - modified color on auxiliary items due to user complaints after installing Vista on their PC.

3/19/2008 - v 7.3.30

Menu - modified colors due to user complaints after installing Vista on their PC.  Now the selected menu button will move above the list and will change to a pastel yellow background so users are clear as to which menu they are working with.  Also enabled using Enter key for selection from the Utilities Menu.

2/26/2008 - v 7.3.29

Web Refunds - fixed errors with display correctly for VPO and SuperUsers.

2/18/2008 - v 7.3.28

Voucher - fixed problem with customer record not having an emplid on a new voucher.

2/15/2008 - v 7.3.27

Standard Reports - Misc - Annual Attendance Report - Modified report so demographics will print correctly.

1/30/2008 - v 7.3.26

Standard Reports - Misc - VPO Registrant Counts - Added this report for VPO to view counts of registrants, individual customers and demographic totals.  This report is only for VPO.

1/28/2008 - v 7.3.25

Web Funds Backend Report - Added additional fields to the function for VPO to search on all lockbox transactions.

1/25/2008 - v 7.3.24

Project Fee Definition - Placed blocks around making expense account values web viewable.  Even though crosswalk codes may be created, we cannot allow expense accounts to be used as fee items for web registrations.  If an expense account value is used, the web viewable checkbox will be disabled.  Expense accounts can only be used for Reduction of Expense payments, and cannot be created from the Project Definition window.  Now the units will be unable to web enable a fee with an expense account value attached.

New Report - Travel Voucher List - (Standard Report - Accounting) - Created a new report to be used within Excel which will list Travel Vouchers created within a specific time frame.  This list will display the customer, the total mileage, rate and mileage expense, along with the project ID, title, entry date and the Travel Expense ID.  In cases where the total amount for the voucher has been split funded, there will be multiple lines displayed.  The report remains visible in Excel for the units to sort the data in whatever fashion they need.

1/25/2008 - v 7.3.23

Web Funds Backend Report - Added function for VPO to search on all lockbox transactions.  Fixed error with vpo side of report.

1/23/2008 - v 7.3.22

Billing - fixed problem with individuals with same last and first names being combined into a single item on the bill.

1/9/2008 - v 7.3.21

Web Funds Backend Report - added footer with date and time report was run.

12/28/2007 - v 7.3.20

Standard Reports - Misc - Registration Counts - added to report to show total of registrants and added column to show what annual report will show on same search criteria.  Annual report will only count certain project types, and certain registrant types, thus there is a discrepancy between the 2 reports.

12/21/2007 - v 7.3.18

Refund - fixed error with loading listview with crosswalk code.

12/20/2007 - v 7.3.17

Project Definition - Web Setup - fixed problem with Ignore time overlap button in web setup.

12/20/2007 - v 7.3.16

CEU Transcript - fixed problem with pulling up multiple ceu customers and records on the transcript window.

12/12/2007 - v 7.3.15 

Receipt View - corrected problem with emailing receipts.

12/5/2007 - v 7.3.13 

Main Menu - corrected access to certain accounting functions for unit super users.

11/30/2007 - v 7.3.11

Web Funds Backend - fixed problem with unmarking a transaction which had previously been reconciled.

11/29/2007 - v 7.3.10

Web Refund - Fixed error with marking web refunds as processed.

11/28/2007 - v 7.3.9

Web Funds Backend - (Reconciling web payments).  Revised process to properly report to Units and to the VPO.  When an ecommerce transaction includes less than 4 MOCode & AccountValue combinations, the revenue is directly transferred to the Unit's MOCode/Account value in People Soft.  The backend process will display all activity which has not been marked as already reconciled.  Units (and the VPO) will compare data in this report to PS Financial reports to determine that transactions have accurately been deposited and then use that information to reconcile specific transactions.

The VPO portion of the report will also handle transfer reports for those funds which were deposited in the VPO default MOCode/AccountValue.

11/15/2007 - v 7.3.8

Refund - now creates data in new Lockbox table for backend reports for the web payment/refund processes.  Will generate emails to the QuickPay refund processors (vickie Whitworth, June Gibson, Shelly DeJaynes, and Emily Mangano [only for conference office]).

Web Refund - redesigned to handle the new lockbox table and correctly store the data in both webfundscampus and web_lockboxtransactions.

11/14/2007 - v 7.3.7 - Project Definition

Workshop Sort Order - fixed problem with sort order after a workshop has been modified and the record has been changed.

Web Setup - Group List - fixed problem with groups listing more than once when multiple workshops are assigned to a group.

11/12/2007 - v 7.3.6

Task Menu - Receipt search - No longer returns error when searching with a check number that contains alpha characters.

Customer History - fixed problem with timing out when trying to load the Customer History window.

10/26/2007 - v 7.3.5

Standard Reports - Project Registration Auxiliary - Fixed issue where report was not presenting ONLY the items checked when not all codes or fields were desired. 

Project Definition - Workshop Listview - Resolved problems with sorting workshop list by workshopid or dates.

Receipt View - Printing - Resolved problem with workshop titles printing rather than the project title.

10/17/2007 - v 7.3.3 - problem resolved with rolling forward 90 day old transactions.

10/17/2007 - v 7.3.2 - Fixed problem with emailing receipts.

10/16/2007 - various forms - Various forms were situated wrong on the screen.  Displaying all forms in center screen position.

10/15/2007 - v 7.3.0 - Version 7.3 Installed


If you have any problems or questions, contact ETCS.


Last Revised: 03/03/09



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