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Released:  October 15, 2007

The following list of changes is part of this version.

eCommerce Changes:

The University has switched to a new lockbox system which required CEIS to modify the method of handling Web Payments.

ProjectFee - the project fee definition window now displays a "lockbox crosswalk code" for all web viewable fees.  This should happen automatically when any fee is initially marked as web viewable.  We have already linked all existing fees to the correct crosswalk code.  If a new MOCODE/AccountValue combination is used for a new fee, the system will create a new crosswalk code and assign it to that fee.

Web Payments - in the past, all web payments have been assigned by DoIT to a single MOCODE/AccountValue to process into the general ledgers.  This default combination was then parsed to the units by the VPO.  The new eCommerce allows up to 3 combinations of MOCODE/AccountValue to be passed directly into the general ledger of the unit.  This means that your web registration funds will be directly entered into your general ledgers without the need for the VPO to transfer these funds.  The means for accomplishing this is the "lockbox crosswalk codes".  We can pass up to 3 amounts with their specific code to the lockbox so the bank and DoIT can directly credit your general ledger.  If a particular transaction uses more than 3 combinations, the system will default back to using the same VPO MOCode/AccountValue used in the previous lockbox and these funds will be dispersed by the VPO.

Web Refunds - Units will continue to process refunds through CEIS, however the lockbox refund process will reflect the use of the crosswalk codes. 

  1. FULL REFUNDS - 3 or less MOCode/AccountValue combinations used:  These will be processed by DoIT and debited to those specific MOCode/AccountValues in PeopleSoft.

  2. FULL REFUNDS - 4 or more MOCode/AccountValue combinations used:  These will be processed by DoIT into the default VPO MOCode/Account and entered directly in PeopleSoft

  3. PARTIAL REFUNDS - 1 MOCode/AccountValue combinations used:  These will be processed by DoIT into the specific MOCode/AccountValue in PeopleSoft.

  4. PARTIAL REFUNDS - 2-3 MOCode/AccountValue combinations used:  THESE WILL NOT BE PROCESSED BY DoIT.  DoIT is unable to know which specific combination the amount refunded should be applied to.  THESE REFUNDS WILL REQUIRE INTERVENTION BY THE VPO, AND WILL BE MANUALLY ENTERED INTO PEOPLE SOFT BY THAT OFFICE.  Units will notify the VPO that a refund needs processing as a manual PeopleSoft entry.  If the VPO first handles the refund, they will notify the units of the processing completed.

  5. PARTIAL REFUNDS - 4 or more MOCode/AccountValue combinations used:  These will be processed by DoIT into the default VPO MOCode/Account and entered directly in PeopleSoft since the original amounts were entered into the default VPO combination.


Main Menu 

The window has been totally reformatted.


A DisplaySortOrder field has been added to the AuxiliaryField, AuxiliaryCode and AuxiliaryCodeType items to allow the units to determine the specific display sequence for each item.  This field is AlphaNumeric and can be changed at any time.


Units may now "DISABLE" a workshop.  Disabling a workshop means it will not appear in any list of available workshops on the web, or in the registration window.  The user marking the workshop as disabled will be required to enter the reason for so marking the workshop.

Units may re-enable a workshop at any time once it has been disabled.  A checkbox on the workshop list tab allows all DISABLED workshops to be listed along with active ones.  Single-clicking on a disabled workshop will display a "Re-ENABLE Workshop" button.  Clicking this button will restore the workshop to full functionality.  NOTE:  Disabling a workshop ONLY affects FUTURE REGISTRATIONS.

Copy to Production (Web Setup only):  For those units using online registrations into CEIS, a copy button has been added to allow units to set up projects for the web in CEIS_TEST, use the test web environment to make certain everything appears and functions as they need it to, and then simply press one button to copy the entire project into Production.  CAUTION:  You are not blocked from copying this project multiple times.


Customer History

A problem has been resolved where the Registration information was not completing with the address information when a project was double-clicked.




Last Revised: 08/12/08



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