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Centra Login Instructions

Login to Centra here! (new window): This is always your Centra login link, even if you didn't receive your Centra email. Please be sure to bookmark this URL!


  1. Once the login window opens, enter your Centra ID & PW.
  2. Under most circumstances your Centra ID should be the same as your Outlook ID. For example; Donald Duck's ID would be duckd.
  3. Your PW will be modeled after your Centra ID and take one of two forms. Since Donald's ID is less than 7 letters long, his PW would be duckdcentra7.
  4. If the ID is 7 letters or longer like Wiley Coyote's, coyotew, the PW would be coyotew#.
  5. After logging in you will be taken to your "My Schedule" page, showing the Centra Events you are scheduled for.
  6. So, passwords 6 letters or shorter are followed by centra7.
  7. And passwords 7 letters and longer are followed by the # sign.
  8. Sometimes the centra7 and # sign suffixes were switched when ETCS created your Centra Profile, so you can try altering the combinations with your ID.
  9. If you have trouble please contact for help.
  10. Please keep a note of your ID & PW handy for easy login.
  11. Forget your password? See a movie to retrieve your password.
  12. Want to change your Centra Profile information? See the update Profile movie.


Last Revised: 08/04/08



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