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New "Tips" Movies

ETCS is in the process of updating its "Tips" movies.  Keep watch here as we experiment with various screen capture technologies to bring the latest in Just-in-time training to all of you.

"Wink," "Camtasia," and "Captivate" are names of different tools we are trying out, so be sure to take note of which ones you like and how quickly they do (or don't) load before playing.  We would like to hear some feedback, email us at


  • Change Your Default Directory
    1. Wink - 265 k (no audio)
    2. Camtasia - 673 kb
    3. Captivate - 779 kb
  • Move Columns in a Worksheet
    1. Camtasia - 375 kb
    2. Captivate - 413 kb


  • Login to the Sharepoint portal
    1. Captivate - 869 kb
  • Make Sharepoint a "Trusted Site" in I.E.
    1. Captivate - 916 kb


  • Auto Accept
    1. Camtasia - 1.3 mb
    2. Captivate - 2.5 mb
    3. Wink - 1.8 mb
  • Check Mailbox Folder Size
    1. Captivate - 696 kb
    2. Camtasia - 706 kb
  • Create a Personal Folder
    1. Captivate - 867 kb
    2. Camtasia - 772 kb
  • Move Messages to Personal Folders
    1. Captivate - 592 kb

Last Revised: 08/04/08

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