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Difficulties with Centra Update

Monday - March 2nd., 2009
On Saturday February 14th. our Centra provider performed an update to their Centra server.  This update resulted in some noticeable user changes, requiring a major Centra Client update on your individual computers.

If you haven't used Centra since February 14th., the next time you login to Centra you will be asked to Allow an update process.  It seems many users are experiencing a process that appears to cycle back and repeat itself multiple times, making it look like the update is failing.

After working with several of you over the phone the update does eventually finish, allowing you to login to your next event.  I encourage you to be patient and continue to Allow this process to run.  Please don't close any windows or your browser during the update process—just let it run for however long it takes.

If you will do this at least one day prior to your event, you should avoid the last-minute frustration associated with the inability to gain access to an Event.


Centra is performing another important update this weekend beginning Friday March 6th. at midnight.  They tell us that users will again experience a client software upgrade after this patch is installed.

We ask for your patience and understanding during this time frame, thank you.

Last Revised: 03/02/09



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