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ITV Instructor Blended Technology Training Highlights

Tuesday - June 28th., 2005
During the last week of April this year, ETCS conducted four, day-long ITV sessions highlighting the technologies available to Extension specialists along with information about planning, producing, and conducting programs via various information technologies.

We thought it might be useful to share some of the results of the survey conducted at the end of each day's training.  You will find below items from the survey illustrating responses to some of the questions.

  1. We had 49 people attend sessions offered during the week of April 26-29.  Of those, 25 responded to the survey, a return of 51%.  The surveys were available on-line as well as by paper at each TCRC, for completion at the end of the day's session.  We received about half in paper form.
  2. Question #2 was a matching item asking about the participant's familiarity with specific technologies.  There were 8 technologies specified plus "Other."  "Other" is not included in the summary below as there was only one response, but it did specify "Blogs" as the Other item; a new, emerging tool for online discourse.

    The 8 technologies; Polycom, Video, NetMeeting, Document Camera, Centra, Sharepoint, Blackboard, and Smartboard are summarized as a whole, according to the percentage of answers for each category.
    • 28.5%-- "I already know how."
    • 11%-- "I learned enough information to be comfortable using/doing."
    • 37.5%-- "I learned, but need practice to feel comfortable using/doing."
    • 15.5%-- "I need more information or training before I feel comfortable using/doing."
    • 7.5%-- Unanswered

    Clearly the majority of you learned, but a number of you felt you needed extra work before continuing.  We expected this.

  3. Question #12 was an Essay question asking what "...the two most important 'Take Home messages'..." were.  We received a broad range and number of responses, but overwhelmingly they pointed out the absolute necessity of adequate preparation ahead of time, and the mental flexibility needed during presentation in the event of unforeseen troubles. We concur with this observation, and would stress that it's less about specific strategies and more about a mindset and approach to your program from a global perspective.
  4. Finally for today, Question #13 asked; "If you could make a change in the training, what would it be?"  Again, we had a broad range of responses, but overwhelmingly you stated (9 of 22 comments) that more hands-on training would be appropriate to help you get ready for using technology--a total of 41%.  We fully expected this would be the case, and plan to broaden the scope of this type of training by limiting the number of technologies included in a training session and making them much more "interactive" or practice oriented.

A number of you have initiated, or are planning, a "Phase II" follow-up session where you actually do a brief project.  ETCS should be able to provide you with some highlights in the next month or so.

Please feel free to contact us, if you have further comment, observation, or suggestion in this matter.

Last Revised: 08/04/08



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