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Sharepoint and the ETCS Website Temporarily Unavailable

Wednesday - March 1st., 2006
Message from Joe Lear;

In an effort to improve access to the SharePoint Sites at, the ETCS Web Site at and the Windows Streaming Media Service, we’re moving the server that houses these web sites to a new location on campus Friday, March 3rd at 4 pm.

The server will be down for 1 hour for the move. The move requires us to change the server's IP address. This means that a Directory Name Services (DNS) change will also have to take effect. The DNS change can take anywhere from a few minutes to days depending on DNS server you are attached to. (Sorry, we have no control over this.)

Access will be available as soon as the DNS change propagates out. This means most people will have access Friday night, but some people will have to wait. At worst case it should be available no later than Monday the 6th at 8 am.

If you have questions about the move or will need access during the weekend, please let me know.

If you can not access these web sites on Monday Morning, please contact ETCS and we will help you resolve the issue

You may receive multiple copies of this notice in an effort to make sure everyone is notified of the upcoming move

Joe Lear
Systems Administrator/Associate Director

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