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(your source for a quick update on what's happening in ETCS-Land)

New PayPal Scam!
"Subject: You have paid $699.99 USD"

Tuesday - October 10th., 2006
Don't click on the "Cancel Transaction" link in this email.  It's another phishing scam to get you to reveal your personal information.

Watch out for an email that looks like it's coming from PayPal telling you a charge for $699.99 will appear on your credit card.  It's a fake!

I sent a message to PayPal asking about this particular email and they assured me it IS NOT from them.  So save yourself some heartache and don't click the "Cancel Transaction" link.

Remember, this kind of thing is almost always designed to tug your emotions before you have a chance to think about what's really happening.  Always take a couple of deep breaths first and think through what the message says.  Go ahead and report it to the company being named (PayPal in this instance) if you like, you should get a prompt response telling you what the story is.

On thing that legitimate online retailers will tell you is if the email is addressed generically such as; Dear Member, Valued Customer, etc. without actually using your name, it's probably fake.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact ETCS.

It even fooled me at first!

Steve Giesel

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