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Free PDF Tool

Wednesday - March 8th., 2006
For those of you who occasionally need a PDF writer but can't justify the expense of purchasing Adobe Acrobat, we have an alternate solution for you.  It's called cutepdf, and you can download the files from the S: drive and install them yourself.

  1. Go to the following folder on the S: drive.  //Uoeshare/share/MUCampus/ETCS/cutepdf.  Download these two files to your desktop; converter.exe and CuteWriter.exe.
  2. Install both of these files (one at a time) by double-clicking on them.  It doesn't matter which order you use.
  3. Just run through the install process like you would with anything else.  That's all there is to it.
  4. Once the two .exe files named above are installed, you may delete them.

One caveat to be aware of is this; don't install cutepdf if you already have any full version of the Adobe Acrobat software installed.

Cutepdf will not work properly with Acrobat installed on your machine (it won't "break" Acrobat if you do), but it does work just fine if you do have the Adobe Reader (any version) installed.

Give this a try, and just contact ETCS if you have any questions.

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