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What's on your R Drive -
Profiles and Mail Folders?

By Ethan Froese

Some of you may have noticed one of the following folders in your R drive called mail, profile or profiles and may have wondered what this mysterious folder contains. Some of you may have even taken things a step further and decided to delete that suspicious looking folder. I implore you _ don't.

This folder contains information about your email, bookmarks and other settings that need to be saved. The most important files in these folders are the ones ending in ".pst" and ".pab". These files contains email that you have moved from the Exchange email server to your R drive to avoid those pesky "over the quota limit messages" in Outlook.

If you do decide to do some spring cleaning and you see something on your R drive that you didn't put there, please contact someone at ETCS before you delete it. We can restore files from the backups, but a phone call takes a lot less time.



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