April 2010
Vol. 26, No. 2

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Have you Been Watching?
by Steve Giesel--posted 3/26/10

Recently I encouraged you to take a look at the new Blog format for Inner Circuits. If you looked you noticed that the last issue, March 2009, was there. Now the March 2010 issue is on the Blog, and you might notice the order is reversed from what's on the ETCS Website. I placed them in the blog beginning with the "Wishing for Spring—Again!" article, and since a blog reads from newest to oldest, it's on the bottom of the stack. And the last article, "A New Format for Inner Circuits" is on top—now directly below this one.

Ed. Note: That's right… this article was first posted to the blog on the date shown above. So, if you were watching, you know what's coming next.

Often a blog offers the opportunity for comment, and I've enabled that feature in the Inner Circuits Blog. If you wish to comment on an article please feel free to do so. Unless it addresses an unknown issue or offers a unique solution to some problem, I won't respond to individual comments, but I will read them. If something merits further treatment I will do so in a future article, so I welcome your input.

As promised this is another issue of Inner Circuits for April of 2010. In addition to more step-by-step guides for Adobe Connect, you will find a how-to for subscribing to the Inner Circuits Blog. This feature brings notifications to your Outlook inbox whenever we publish a new article, or whenever someone makes a comment to an existing article. It creates a message that you can read directly, or take advantage of a fully formatted article and follow the link provided to the blog page itself.

If you are reading this article on the blog, the Office Communicator upgrade should be completed by April 5th. If you are reading the old Web version of Inner Circuits available in April we should be good to go on Office Communicator. Look for one or two articles about setup and use.

The April 2010 edition of Inner Circuits will likely be one of the last, if not the last, in the traditional Web page version we are all used to seeing. I hope to become less tied to a publishing calendar and have relevant topics to you in a more timely manner. For now I'll continue to provide a PDF version for printing, grouped in a monthly or quarterly fashion. That's all for now. Keep checking back often.


Last Revised: 03/29/10



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