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  April 2000
Vol. 17, No. 2

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The Anti-Virus Corner
by John Myers

To help remind you to update your anti-virus software, ETCS will be adding the anti-virus corner. The following graphic will be displayed somewhere in each of the upcoming volumes of Inner Circuits.

Current McAfee VShield Versions

McAfee VShield 4.0.3

Virus definitions: 4.0.4073

Scan engine: 4.0.70

(Your versions should be at this level or greater.)

The three numbers are used to identify your anti- virus software version. The first number is just the major release number of the software and should rarely change. The second number, Virus Definitions, is the most critical number. This number indicates what viruses the software knows about. This number will change weekly. Your virus definitions number should be greater than or equal to the number in this graphic. The last number, Scan Engine, is the number used to identify the version of the software used to look for the viruses. This number does not change as often as the virus definitions number. If you don't know how to check your anti-virus software to find out what the version numbers are, then check out our Tips in Less Than a Minute section on the web (see Training on Demand article on page 2.)


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