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  April 1999
Vol. 16, No. 4

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What Kind of Learner Are You?
by Kristie Sapp

Your learning style has an impact on how you prefer to learn. Learning will be easier and faster if your learning habits match your learning style. If you don't know what your learning style is you might take a free and quick test on the internet at Extension does not endorse any of these products or guarantee the validity of the products.

CBT is not a learning style, it is a method of training that puts the learner in control. Just like classroom courses, conferences, or on-the-job training, CBT courses can fit every learning style.

Knowing your learning style, and developing good learning habits, will help you learn easier and faster. There are three styles of learners: visual, hands-on, and audio.

The Visual Learner thinks in images and pictures. They are good readers, and like well organized materials. They need time to digest what they have learned before practicing and testing.

CBT course features for the Visual Learner:

  • Courses are well organized, and divided into 1-hour Units with short sub-topics.
  • Great integration of graphics to support and enhance the text.

Tip: The questions and tests in the CBT course can be retaken as many times as needed, or they can be skipped through and the answers will be provided for you.

The Hands On Learner prefers to learn through their body or feelings. By practicing what they learn, they will remember it. This learner can not sit still for very long.

CBT course features for the Hands On Learner:

  • Hands-on simulations provide practice and ability to act.
  • Testing provides reinforcement of learning and success milestones to this test-lover.
  • Short topics and a Bookmarking feature, allow this learner to take the course in chewable-chunks, and easily walk away when over-loaded.

Tip: Strange as this sounds, eating or chewing gum will enhance this learner's training.

The Audio Learner learns by listening or by sound stimulation. They like a noisy office, and sometimes listen to music or the TV while they study. Listening and talking are the skills that are well developed in this learner.

CBT course Tips for the Audio Learner:

  • As you read the CBT course screen, say key points out loud for an audio reinforcement.
  • Tape your notes for future reference. Try playing the tape back in the car!




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