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  April 1999
Vol. 16, No. 4

A Technology Newsletter for Extension Specialists



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Digital Imaging PDE
By Bill McFarland

A Professional Development Experience addressing the theory and practice of digital imaging is planned for June 22 and June 25, 1999. The course covers the theory of digital imaging from spatial resolution characteristics to printer and screen resolution characteristics. The Sony Mavica FD71 will be featured. Other imaging sources, such as flatbed scanners will also be discussed and their relative merits explained and demonstrated. We have assembled a highly qualified team to present material ranging from technical theory to photojournalist issues in quality. We will address the issues in taking a good photo for a newspaper, for a plant diagnostic application, for computer or web presentation, for office newsletters, and for general images.

The PDE will be offered at your regional TCRCs in a two half-day format combining ITV and computer networking. Watch the PDE listings on the Web to sign up.



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