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  April 1999
Vol. 16, No. 4

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Outlook Tips 3
By Bill McFarland

Ever get embarrassed by finding that you sent a message out with an obvious misspelling? Set your Outlook to check your spelling before it sends the message. Look under Tools/Options and the Spelling Tab. I check "Always Suggest replacements…", "Always check spelling before sending", and "Ignore original message text in reply…". It helps, but it doesn't detect when I type "form" and mean "from", so I still need to READ my message before clicking the Send button.

Another embarrassing situation for me is when I am intending to attach a file to a message, but in my haste I click on Send before attaching the file. Try this the next time this happens to you:

  • Go to the Sent Items folder.
  • Open the message that missed the attachment (double click on it).
  • Click on the Actions menu item on the menu bar.
  • Choose Recall this message.
  • Click on "Delete unread copies and replace with new message.
  • Then click OK.
  • Then attach the file you intended to attach in the first place.
  • Now click on Send.

And if you do this fast enough, no one will know that first you sent the message without the attachment. If someone has read the first message before you recall it, they will still get the corrected message. They will just also see your recall and know that you had to send it twice to get it right.



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