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  April 2002
Vol. 19, No. 2

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Web Site Gets New Look
By John Myers

Extension Technology and Computer Services has been busy redesigning our web pages.  These pages can be found at .  The new look was developed with ease of use and limited bandwidth as the highest priorities.  Along the left hand side of the web pages you will find our navigation bar to quickly move you through the web site.  An arrow head is used to identify which branch of the web site you are viewing.  As you go deeper and deeper into the web site, new options will appear in the navigation bar to help you move about.

The new ETCS web site has all the information from the old site plus more.  In the “About ETCS” branch you can view our mission and vision statements, find directions to ETCS and parking information.  In the “ETCS Staff” branch you can learn about the people that make ETCS work and associate a picture with a name.  The “Training” branch is where you go to access the NETg courses and learn about upcoming training ETCS is offering.  There are also mailto links in this area for you to inform us of your training needs.

The “Help Desk” branch features a “Tips in Less Than a Minute” section.  This is where you can go to find out how to perform a particular function, like setting up CTX/Lightware projectors or creating personal folders in Outlook.  The tips have controls in the upper right hand of the screen to allow you to stop and replay the tips at your convenience.  New tips are being added all the time.  If you have a particular function that you need help remembering how to perform, just email us and we’ll develop a tip for you and add it to the web site.  Later additions to the “Help Desk” will include an inventory help desk database where you can search for answers to problems you are having and to submit new problems for our investigation.  There will also be an estimate/ordering system to allow you to request information for purchasing software and hardware.

The ETCS web site also has links to the “S Drive” and “Webmail”.  These are here so you don’t have to remember the urls to these services.  The “Inner Circuits” branch is where you can go to read past issues of our newsletter.  Future plans include a search feature to help you find articles of interest.  

The most recent addition to our web site is the “Production Services” branch.  Here we try to describe some of the different information technologies that we would like to help you utilize in delivering your educational programs.  In this section you will learn about streaming audio, streaming video, flash applications, PowerPoint, web based PowerPoint, web software programs, web database applications, WebBoard, and Blackboard.  Included in these web pages are descriptions of these technologies, explaining when they are most appropriate to use.  Examples are also included to help you get a feel for how these different technologies can be used in your educational programs.  We encourage you to look through these ETCS production services, and contact us if you have any questions or comments.



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