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University of Missouri-Columbia   Extension Technology and Computer Services—ETCS

   August 1999
   Vol. 16, No. 7

A Technology Newsletter for Extension Specialists



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Inventory Check
by Jeanne Meyer

ETCS will be preparing inventory sheets for each office to be checked for accuracy. These checklists will include computers, printers, digital cameras, and projectors that have been assigned U. IDs which we are required to keep track of. There are a large number of computers that are considered "old" _ IBM PC, IBM PS/Value-Point, IBM PS/2 Model 40, as well as many more_ that are still listed as being in use. Neither University inventory records nor ETCS inventory records show that these computers have been surplused, cannibalized, sold, etc. Plans are to locate this equipment by contacting the last person/office associated with the equipment and if not actually in use, recommend surplusing or find out what happened to the equipment or where the item is currently located.

These inventory sheets will also serve as a way to make sure all equipment that is being used is in our inventory database. If your office has purchased computers which are connected to your network, ETCS needs this information.



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