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December 2000
  Vol. 17, No. 4

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Santa's Been Busy!
By John Myers

The 2000-2001 cost share is under way and Santa is checking his list twice to find out who's been naughty and nice. In fact, Santa has decided that you all have been so good that he has given us his first present of a new UOEShare server. This server, installed in November, has eight times (47GB) the disk space as the old one. Santa knows that some of you have already found out about this present because the server already has more files on it than the old server could hold.

The second present Santa has given us are new SmartForce self-paced computer courses. The complete line of Office 2000 courses has been loaded on the SmartForce web delivery system. You can complete these courses before the cost share equipment arrives and have a head start on learning the new software. With the new titles, we have also upgraded the SmartForce client software. When you download one of the courses, the software will automatically update itself without you doing anything.

The third and final present Santa has decided to give us before Christmas is the ability to update the software on all field computers that do not require a hardware upgrade. All field machines receiving hardware upgrades will get the new software with the hardware. Any machine that meets the following requirements can be updated to the new software immediately: the machine has 64MB of RAM, the machine has 1GB of free disk space, and the machine is not getting a hardware upgrade (memory or disk drive). If your machine fits the above requirements, contact ETCS to schedule your machine for the software upgrade. All machines must be scheduled, please no walk-ins. Your machine must be sent or brought to ETCS for the upgrade. The process should only take one day to complete.

Santa has just finished compiling his list and tells me that he is bringing University Extension and Outreach, 129 desktops, 17 laptops, 72 printers, 22 scanners, 16 digital cameras, 58 CD writers, 26 Intel desktop cameras, and much more. Santa is going to have a hard time putting all this neat stuff in his sleigh.



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