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December 2000
  Vol. 17, No. 4

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PDE/PIE Offerings in Information Technology
by Bill McFarland

The recommendations from the Outreach and Extension Information Technology Committee for IT training were approved to be offered in the PDE/PIE series of trainings. A wide array of training offerings is planned, from learning about using desktop conferencing in an on-line course, to learning how to create an on-line course. Four offerings are planned as outlined below.

Developing Educational Programs for Delivery via the Web - Using Blackboard Courseware (PIE 267)

Delivery of educational programs using the Internet and the World Wide Web is becoming practical if not essential for most educational entities. Blackboard's courseware facilitates teaching and learning on-line. This is much more than putting educational material on the Web. All courseware facilitates the delivery of educational programs, and learning by the participants. Blackboard has been shown to be a more easily learned environment than other courseware applications.

Some courses use the Web-based application as only a supplement to the face-to-face delivery method. Some courses use the Web-based application as the sole delivery method. Both of these approaches have direct application and implication for University Outreach and Extension's role in delivering their educational content, both internally as in service type training, and to the public as their county based educational programming.

Contact your Regional Director or campus Dean about enrolling in this closed PIE before January 1, 2001.

Developing Multimedia Presentations _ Beyond Computer Slides (PDE 287)

This learning experience will be a three-day session in which the participants will learn about and develop a multimedia presentation to support their educational programming. The focus of the experience will be using PowerPoint 2000 for developing presentations by incorporating narration and other audio, animation and video to enhance the learning experience. Multimedia presentation concepts will be covered. Participants will also learn about non-linear presentations and publishing their presentations to the web and CD. Program attendees will also be introduced to Macromedia Flash as a way to develop information for use on the web.

Dates for this PDE are May 1-4, May 8-10, or May 22-24, 2001. Contact your Regional Director about enrollment in this closed enrollment course.

Learning to use NetMeeting as a Desktop Conferencing Tool - a Web-based Course (PDE 276)

This is a totally web-based course in which participants will learn to use Microsoft NetMeeting as an example of desktop conferencing. Desktop conferencing provides for the connecting of two or more computers over the Internet for the purpose of real-time sharing of applications, documents, audio, and video, thereby constituting a virtual Internet meeting, or a net meeting. This application, therefore, provides for the collaboration of faculty from different sites in the development, and presentation of educational programs. Since NetMeeting can share applications not just files, it can be used to present documents to all the connected computers in one meeting, and, in the most interactive collaboration, give remote users in a meeting the ability to actually change the displayed document. When a net meeting requires audio from more than two sites, a telephone conference seems the best way to supply the voice communications.

The course delivery will be via the courseware Blackboard, supplied by MU Direct Blackboard server. Participants will connect to the course server via any web-connected computer and take the course _ no travel. A final event, which will have participants connecting to a meeting hosted by the facilitator and calling into a teleconference, will conclude the PDE. This course begins January 20, 2001, and you are expected to finish and attend a NetMeeting on February 28, 2001.

IT Workshop at ETCS (PDE 288)

The IT workshop will be an intense three-day workshop where learners bring materials, ideas and problems to ETCS and create a tangible product of their choosing. Applications would include Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Web, and Access. Proposals of intent would be required of selected participants. ETCS staff will facilitate the workshop. Products could include creative documents with productive enhancement potential, multimedia presentations, innovative spreadsheets, Web pages, Web courses, and databases.

This technique presents a problem solving approach to learning. We have found that for selected individuals this technique is much better for learner success. The learner must bring motivation to focus and produce a project in an intense three-day period.

ETCS staff and facilities will facilitate progress and success in the individual projects. The participants must be willing to submit a short proposal of their intended project prior to the workshop. This proposal will not be used to judge the worthiness of the project, but will insure a high probability of successful completion at the Workshop event. The proposal process will also insure that the participants have planned and thought out their intended project to a degree that successful completion can be predicted.

This workshop is scheduled June 5-7, 2001, in the ETCS training lab, 22 Heinkel Building.



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