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December 2001
  Vol. 18, No. 2

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E-Mail Upgrade
By John Myers

The University is upgrading its e-mail system. The Microsoft Exchange 5.5 servers are being replaced with new Microsoft Exchange 2000 servers. This article pertains to Extension users of the UM-Users domain. To find out if you are a member of the UM-Users domain, double click on your name in the address book and click on the E-mail Addresses tab. If you look on the X400 line and see "o=UM System" then you are a member of the UM-Users domain. The first question that everyone asks about the upgrade is, "How is this going to affect me?"

The e-mail quotas are changing from 32MB/48Mb/64MB to 50MB/95MB/100MB. This means that the system will not warn you that you have exceeded your limit until your mailbox reaches 50MB. Your mailbox will continue to work normally until you reach 95MB, at which point you will not be able to send any messages until you decrease your storage to less than 95MB. If you still do nothing and allow your mailbox to exceed 100MB, then all your incoming e-mail will be returned to the sender.

The web interface will be changing too. The address will remain the same, but the look will be different. The new web look is almost identical to what you see when you access your e-mail with Outlook. No more do you have to click on check boxes to move or delete multiple messages. Just shift click or control click to select the messages you want to manipulate. The web interface is also using secure sockets layer (SSL). This means that all access to your e-mail is encrypted. No hacker on the internet will be able to intercept your e-mail and read it.

Ok, I see some of the good things, but what are the bad things about this change? How long will I be without e-mail? When is this going to take place? Tentatively the mailboxes will be converted sometime in early December. The exact date is not known right now due to the fact that some of the hardware is not here yet. Groups of mailboxes will be converted overnight starting around 10:00pm. The only requirement for conversion is that the mailbox is closed before converting. You will get an e-mail from the administrator telling you that your mailbox will be moved that night. This means that it is very important for you to remember to close your mailbox before you go home.

When you come in the next day and try to start your Outlook, you'll have to enter your password and then read your e-mail. It will be that easy. The software will automatically know that your mailbox has been converted and will look on the new server for your mailbox. One problem, that does not always happen, can occur. If you are reading multiple mailboxes, the additional mailboxes might not appear. If this happens, call ETCS and we will correct the problem.



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