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December 2001
  Vol. 18, No. 2

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New Computer Based Training from NETg
by Jill Dourty

On December 11, 2001, the SmartForce computer based training (CBT) contract will expire. The entities of the University of Missouri, including University Outreach & Extension, have finalized a contract with NETg to take over this role. We are excited as NETg courses are known for their "catchy" delivery of accurate and interesting information. These courses are also MOUS certified which means that all Extension employees have the opportunity to become Microsoft Office User Specialists! (For more information on MOUS, visit or contact me at

NETg makes computer based learning easy. Users will be able to take a pretest to assess what information they know. NETg will then generate a customized individual learning path for you based on your scores on the pretests as well as the applications about which you have elected to learn. This means you work through the courses on the information you need. Also, NETg offers you the option of querying their database for material on a specific subject. For example, if you need help with creating a pie chart in Excel, you can do a search for "pie chart" and it will bring up any material related to pie charts. You can then choose which application you are working with (Excel) and then what information you need about pie charts (how to create them).

NETg accounts will be created for each Extension employee and tied to our e-mail login and password. Users will not have to create their own accounts nor will any of us have to worry about forgetting our passwords! At this time, we have beta testers who are helping us review the new courses while we work out the kinks. Tentative date to release the new CBT courseware is at the end of January. More information and instructions will be released as soon as it is ready.

For those of you who have taken SmartForce courses, you have done a wonderful job! My congratulations to you! Please do not be concerned about your Lego© blocks. We will resume awarding Legos© when the new NETg courses are in place. Plan on continuing your CBT education with NETg in January!

At any time, please send your questions or comments regarding CBT, NETg, or SmartForce to



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