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December 2003
  Vol. 20, No. 3

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Office Updates!
By Jill Dourty

Just as there are Windows Updates for you to run on your own computer, there are Office Updates as well. From Office Update's website:

"The Office Product Updates site is the online extension of Office that helps you keep your Office products up-to-date.  Office product updates are created by Microsoft for Office XP and Office 2000 to bring you the highest levels of security, stability, and critical functionality available. Updates are available for free through the Office Product Updates site."

Please go to and click on "Scan my computer to find Office updates I need." If there are any updates listed there for you to run, put a checkmark in the box before the update name. Some will require you to run them individually and some will allow you to run multiple updates at once. You may need your Office Disk 1 to run these—keep it handy. While Office Updates don't normally require you to reboot, some of their updates may request a reboot to finish installing the update. If you choose not to reboot immediately, the updates will finish next time you do reboot.

Please take the time to get and keep your computer software up-to-date! ETCS suggests you run your Office Updates (which you can conveniently access from the Windows Updates page) every week when you run your Windows Updates. Please contact or call ETCS (573/882-2096) if you have any questions or problems!



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