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December 1999
 Vol. 16, No. 10

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Right Click
by Kristie Sapp

If you're not using the right click button on your mouse, you may be going the long way around completing a task. If you will right-click with your mouse while in a Word Document, PowerPoint Document, Excel Document, or Publisher 98 Document, you will get a list of options relative to the point where you right-clicked. (Not where your cursor is located on the page.) The following are some examples of using the right-click button that could save you some time and effort.

  • When you have a misspelled word in any document, if you right click on the red underlined word, you will be given relevant choices of the correct spelling of the word. Select the correct one and the misspelled word will be replaced with the word you selected.
  • When you right click on a selected section, the choices to Cut or Copy will appear. Selecting one of the options and then right clicking in the spot where you want to paste the selection will result in a paste option to select.
  • When you right click within a cell of a table created in Word, you can format the cell to turn the text direction to read up or down instead of horizontal.

These are just three examples of the many things you can accomplish with the right-click button. Next time you're working in a document you might want to experiment with the right click. It won't do anything to your document unless you pick one of the options presented, so be brave and try something new in the New Year!!

NOTE: Of course, if you are left-handed, you will need to adjust your clicking accordingly.



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