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February 2000
 Vol. 17, No. 1

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Office Computer Contact Requested
by Bill McFarland

ETCS would like to establish a list of office computer contacts. This list would be used for information sharing and not technical backup or support. We would just like to have a name in each office that would take responsibility to receive the things we send out to the offices in general. These mailings include CD-ROMs of software for general use in the office, printed documentation for the office, and the inventory reports for each office. We would also create a mail list group that would receive mail messages with information regarding any software upgrades, network announcements, or other pertinent information that the county office and regional office personnel as a whole need to know.

When mailings go out from our office, they would be addressed to this person. This person would then be responsible for distributing the information to the right place or person in a timely manner. We prefer that the contact, whether specialist, CPD, secretary, or other, be someone whose office address is the specific county extension center. We realize that some CPDs are assigned to different county offices and that their official location may not be the county for which they are appointed CPD, so we would prefer not to see the absent CPD as the contact. You may want to make this person the one that is now recorded as the MOREnet contact.

Please send an email to naming the person you want to designate as the office computer contact. Also, give us the office name, address, and phone number.

We hope that this approach will help us all keep better track of what and where the information for your office is, when either you or ETCS needs to make use of it.



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