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February 2000
 Vol. 17, No. 1

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Spring Cleaning Time
by Bill McFarland

Your share drive is getting full, and therefore, my share drive is getting full, in fact everyone's share (S:) drive is getting full! The UOEShare server was put into operation in December 1998. It is now down to about 10% capacity free. As with any file cabinet in our office, given enough time, we will fill it up. When that happens to me, I throw away the oldest stuff in there to make room for newer stuff that I need to file. It is time to do that on the Share S: drive.

The purpose for the S: drive is to place files in a location where other Extension people can easily get to them from their computers. This is a feature that our statewide computer network affords. Some things you should be thinking about when you use the S: drive:

  • Always place a copy of your file on the S: drive, not your original.
  • When the purpose for the sharing is completed, remember to delete the files from the S: drive.
  • Always place files which are only for others in your immediate office on your Q: drive, not the S: drive. Offices without fileservers, don't have a Q: drive, but should use a share on one of the local workstations to share files for others in the same office.
  • Remember that only members of your office group can store files on your office's space on S:. Therefore, only members of that group can delete these files. You can see and copy files from other office's areas to your hard drive, or other area.

When it becomes necessary to clean up the share server we may have to remove files for you. We will do that by deleting files that are more than 9 months old. If you have files that you would like to save for a longer time, write them to a CD-ROM. There are more than 40 CD-ROM writers in the field offices. If none of those are convenient, send ETCS a message with what folders you want saved to a CD-ROM, and we will make a CD-ROM for you, and delete the files on S:.



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