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February 2003
 Vol. 20, No. 1

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Getting Your Computer Ready for the Active Directory
By Ethan Froese & Joe Lear

Every morning when you start your computer, you type in your network password and login to the Extension domain. Next, you double click the Outlook icon and are presented with another password to the um-users* domain. Soon that will change and you will just use one password to login for network and email access.

The University of Missouri is moving towards a combined user account and resource system called the Active Directory. You currently login to the Extension domain which contains no information about your email account. Once you login to the Extension domain and click on the Outlook icon, you are logging into a different domain called um-users. That's two different accounts that you use every day, hence the need for two different passwords.

Moving into the Active Directory will not only free you from an additional login, it also streamlines resource sharing and aids ETCS with computer management.

If you work on campus, we'll be visiting your computer (if we haven't already) sometime in the next three months to move it into the Active Directory. After we move you into the Active Directory, you'll login to the um-users domain using your email password and you'll no longer need a password for Extension. Your email password is the only password you'll have to use for network and email access.

If you work in the field, we'll be visiting you a little later. The complexity of the wide area network and possible line outages adds additional requirements needed to successfully move to the Active Directory. Possible solutions to these requirements are being evaluated and we expect to be able to move the field to the Active Directory by the end of 2003.

What can you do to help us get you ready for the move? Here is a list of things that will help and are good computer housekeeping tips in general.

  1. Clean out your temporary internet folders by opening up Internet Explorer, clicking on tools, clicking on internet options. Make sure you are on the general screen (tab at the top) and then click the Delete Files button. Select "Delete all offline content" and then select "OK". For more information on cleaning your computer, see the Computer House Cleaning article in the November 2002 issue of Inner Circuits.
  2. If you are on campus and have Windows 98, call us. We need to upgrade your PC to Windows 2000 or XP. If you are in the field, and your computer is at least a 450 MHz processor with at least 192 Mb of RAM, we can up upgrade you to XP.
  3. Make sure your email password meets the complexity requirements. See the July 2002 issue of Inner Circuits Computer Terrorism article for more details on how to change your password.
  4. Make sure your computer is patched to the hilt. For more information see the July 2002 Issue of Inner Circuits Windows Updates article.

It usually takes about 15 - 30 minutes to move a computer into the Active Directory. After your computer is moved, everything will look the same. You'll still have access to the familiar Q, R, and S drives and your desktop will look the same as it did before.

*Depending on where you work or if you are a student, you may be logging into the umc-users or tigers domain.  



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