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February 1999
 Vol. 16, No. 2

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Anti-Virus Update
by Charlie Baerwald

New viruses are written everyday. For this reason anti-viral programs are revised constantly. Dr. Solomon’s version 7.91 was updated with three new extra.drv files within three months after it was released. Recently, ETCS has discovered idiosyncrasies in the program. For instance, after installing a component of Dr. Solomon’s – VirusGuard, some computers experienced "Windows Protection Errors" because of the line created in a windows startup file (autoexec.bat). "Remarking out" this line solved the problem for the most part, though other computers were still unhappy. Subsequently we discovered that a pre-installed program having to do with remote desktop administration (DMI) interacted poorly with Dr. Solomon’s and/or other installed programs, causing at least some of these troubles.

Given this evolution of events, we’ve refined our installation instructions. In conjunction, there is a new release of Dr. Solomon’s Anti-Viral Toolkit (AVTK), version 7.92, as well as a new "Magic Bullet" boot disk (for boot sector viruses). This version of ATKV, since it is new, has no extra.drv file at this time. As more viruses are discovered, Network Associates, the parent company of Dr. Solomon’s, will update this new version in the form of extra.drv files. As they become available to us, we will post them on the UOEshare file server (S:\MUCampus\ETCS\Anti-Virus\W95 DrSolomon\Download). Follow the instructions in previous issues of Inner Circuits and/or the Instructions document in the W95 DrSolomon folder to download the new version of Dr. Solomon’s (into an empty Temp folder on your C: drive), and follow the brief instructions below to install.

The Magic Bullet file can be downloaded from the "Download" folder also, right next to tkwin95.exe. Once you’ve downloaded the"MagicB" file to your C: drive, double-click on the icon to create a floppy diskette. (Notes – You may install 7.92 directly over 7.88 or 7.91, all old files will be updated. For a description of and instructions for use of the Magic Bullet disk, see Instructions.doc in the W95 DrSolomon folder.)

Updated Instructions

  1. Uninstall all existing anti-viral programs other than Dr. Solomon’s - IBM, McAfee, F-Prot, ect.. Do this from the Control Panel\Add-Remove Programs menu if possible. If not, look for Uninstall utilities which might be located in the Start\Programs list, or in the program folder of the anti-virus program itself. A last resort is to simply delete the anti-viral program folder, as most will have to do with. F-Prot Disable antiviral programs before uninstalling them. Call the ETCS Help Desk if you’d like help.
  2. Uninstall "DMI" with the updated uninstall utility found on the Share server (S:\MUCampus\ETCS\Dell\DMIuninst). (Do not use the uninstall program already in the DMI folder.) Copy the "uninsdmi.exe" file from S: to the C:\DMI folder. When asked if to want to replace the existing file, select Yes. Double-click on the updated file to run the uninstall program. After the uninstall is complete, delete the entire DMI folder from the root of C:.
  3. Close all running programs/applications/screen "savers" ect. Expand the self extracting tkwin95.exe file into your (empty) Temp folder (by double-clicking), then run Setup.exe from the files that are created.
  4. During the install choose:
  • run WinGuard every time your computer starts;
  • do NOT install VirusGuard;
  • do NOT let Scheduler run every time your computer starts;
  • install CleanBoo.
  • restart when prompted
To configure WinGuard:
  • single left-click the WinGuard icon on the bottom right desktop toolbar;
  • choose Configure, Protection;
  • check boxes on the left for "WinGuard Enabled", "Word macro heuristics", "Auto-disinfect", and "Prompt before disinfecting"- all other boxes should be unchecked;
  • check the box on the right for "Scan floppies and local drives";
  • restart the computer


May we all live and work in a computer-virus free environment.



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