January 2008
Vol. 24, No. 1

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It's a Brand New Year
by Steve Giesel

Welcome to the first Inner Circuits of 2008.  As promised, this issue is focused on the upcoming deployment of the new computers, and what you can do to get ready for the change-over.

Joe Lear’s first article, The New Computers are Coming – And I Mean It This Time! is the first must-read in the group and follows immediately after this introduction.  He wraps up what you need to do and points you to step-by-step documentation guiding you through the change-over process.  Don’t skip this.  He’s also provided additional articles about changes to networking and logging in.

John Myers has an article about, the launch of eXtension.  What's that you say?  In short, eXtension is a consortium of university extension divisions all over the country.  Read his article to find out more about it.  Or go to eXtension's "About" page (http://www.extension.org/main/about) to see what they say about themselves.

From me you’ll see a brief introduction to the two image editors provided with your new computer.  There’s also an article about the Vista Aero interface and what to expect once you are logged on to your computer and faced with your new Desktop.

For those of you using Adobe PageMaker, don't forget to convert those documents to InDesign format before you switch to Vista.  See the article, PageMaker to InDesign file Conversions to get started.  Finally, there’s an announcement about February training at the TCRC’s on the back page.

Happy computing everyone.


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