January 2008
Vol. 24, No. 1

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Hey!  Where’s the “My Documents” Folder?
by Joe Lear

If you look on the Vista Desktop, you’ll notice that many of the icons have changed. One icon that is gone is the My Documents folder. This has been replaced by a folder with your name. This folder has all the folders that hold data associated with your account. A link to this folder is also at the top of the right hand side of the Vista Start Menu.

If you double click the User Folder on the Desktop, you will probably say, I still don’t see the My Documents folder. That’s correct, but you should see an icon that looks like a mapped drive for your R drive. This is the shortcut to your documents folder. We redirected the documents folder to the root of your R: drive.

This changed the look of the folder to look like a mapped drive. Other folders we redirected to folders on the R: drive are:

Folder Name Redirected Location
Favorites R:\Favorites
Music (or My Music) R:\My Music
Pictures (or My Pictures) R:\My Pictures
Videos (or My Videos) R:\My Videos

The locations we redirected these folders to are the most common locations we’ve encountered for these file types. These locations may not exist on everyone’s R drive. If this is the case, when you look into the User Folder on the Desktop you will see white file icons with no information. These can be corrected by simply creating the corresponding folder on the R: drive for the missing folder icons. The most common folders which may need to be created are the R:\My Music and R:\My Videos followed by the R:\My Pictures. You can check your R: drive and see if you have these folders. If your pictures, music and videos exist in other folders you should consider moving your data to these folders or renaming your folders to match the name above.

This folder redirection is necessary to help you keep your data on the server and allow you to access your data with a minimum of effort to search for your information. This will also help us in future deployments in setting up your computers.

If you are in an office that does not have a file server or work outside the extension office, your data folders will be on the C: drive in the following locations:

Folder Name Location
Documents C:\users\username\documents
Favorites C:\users\username\Favorites
Music (or My Music) C:\users\username\Music
Pictures (or My Pictures) C:\users\username\Pictures
Videos (or My Videos) C:\users\username\Videos



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