January 2008
Vol. 24, No. 1

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The New Computers Are Coming — And I Mean It This Time!
by Joe Lear

Well it’s finally that time. All the preparations are in place and the orders for the new computers have been sent to DELL. The computers should be arriving directly to your office in the next few weeks.

Prior to the computers arrival at your office, we will be sending to the CPD’s in your office, a set of inventory labels for each computer (Property of Extension tags), an inventory sheet, and a computer disposal sheet.

As the computers are setup in the office please affix one of the inventory labels to your computer and record the ID number and the service tag of the computer on the inventory sheet. When all the computers have been setup, fax the sheet back to ETCS.

Your CPD should also fill out and fax in the computer disposal sheet. These are the computers that your office is planning to have Dell pickup. We need this information so we can update our inventory database here at ETCS.  Once we have all the information on disposal in from the offices, we can begin to coordinate and schedule pick up of these computers.

When the new computers arrive we’re going to give you two setup options. In 2004, we had each person follow a set of initial instructions, then send an e-mail to ETCS that the computer was ready for setup. Then you had to wait until someone from ETCS called to remote in and complete the setup.

This time we are giving you the option to completely setup your computer with instructions you can download from the following SharePoint Site.


DO IT YOURSELF—YOU HAVE A SERVER:  The instructions will take your through what to do before setting up and plugging in your new computer. They will include; the initial computer startup and settings, setting up your email in Outlook, adding printers, and some troubleshooting with problems we’ve run into. From the Documentation folder on the SharePoint site, download the file:
(23 pages)

HAVE ETCS DO IT—YOU HAVE A SERVER:  You still have the option to have someone from ETCS to setup your computer. There are some preliminary instructions to follow before contacting ETCS via email that your computer is ready for final configuration. The instructions for ETCS setup are also located at the same site in the Documentation folder. Download the file:
(5 pages)

DO IT YOURSELF—NO SERVER:  With not all offices having servers and some of our faculty and staff working from home or from different locations where they do not have access to a file server, we’ve created instructions based on their needs as well. Instructions for faculty and staff that do not have Q or R drives are available on the SharePoint site as well. If you would like to setup your own computer and do not have a file server. Download the file:
(22 pages)

HAVE ETCS DO IT — NO SERVER:  If you want ETCS to setup your files, the download the file:
Prepare_for_ETCS_Setup_no_server.doc (5 pages)

The SharePoint site also has links to the drivers folder on the S drive where we will try to keep common drivers for Vista as well as links to Microsoft for files you might need like the Mobile Device Center if you have a Windows Mobile PDA or SmartPhone.

Setup by someone from ETCS will be based on a first come, first served basis. If you want to use this option, we do suggest setting up your new computer in a location that would allow us to setup your computer while you continue to use your existing computer.

If you work from home or another location other than an Extension office, the setup of your computer should be done at a TCRC or Extension office near you. ETCS will work with you to schedule a time that will be convenient for you to get your new computer setup.

During the new computer deployment process, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call ETCS or send an e-mail to us. We’ll try and address them as fast as we can. Our hope is to make replacement programs as painless and as quick for you as we can.

After the new computers have been delivered and setup, we will begin the process of upgrading the machines that you want to convert to Vista and Office 2007. We’ll deliver more information on this as we complete the new computer setup process.

After the computer upgrades have been completed, we’ll begin the process of replacing the servers in the offices. Again, as the time draws closer to replacing the servers, we will keep you informed.


Last Revised: 08/04/08



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