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January 1999 
Vol. 16, No. 1

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Convert Freelance Files to PowerPoint
by Kristie Sapp

Do you have a Lotus Freelance Presentation File that you now need in PowerPoint?  Rest assured that this task is a relatively simple one.  Just follow these few steps and you will have success!

To convert a Lotus Freelance presentation to a PowerPoint presentation:

  1. Open PowerPoint.
  2. Left Click File on the menu bar.
  3. Left click on Open.
  4. In the Look In box, change to the folder containing the file.
  5. In the Files of type box, Left Click on the down arrow and select All Files (*.*)
  6. Left Click on the name of the file to be converted. Click on Open.
  7. PowerPoint handles the conversion automatically.

    NOTE:  PowerPoint converts the Lotus Freelance presentation as it is opened.  After the Lotus Freelance presentation file has been opened in PowerPoint 97, the converted presentation exists only in your computer's memory.  The original presentation file remains unchanged. To complete the conversion, the file will need to be saved in PowerPoint format.
  8. To complete the conversion process, Left Click on File.
  9. Left Click on Save as and change to the appropriate folder to save the converted PowerPoint file.
  10. Give the file a new name.  (Giving the converted presentation a new file name preserves the original Lotus Freelance presentation file as a backup.)
  11. Left Click on OK.

When you convert Lotus Freelance presentations that contain charts or tables, not all of the formatting is preserved in the converted PowerPoint presentation.  The following table shows how chart and table features convert in PowerPoint.

Freelance feature ...after conversion to PowerPoint 97

...are text objects. You may see a double line around each cell.


Hidden data sets...

 ...are now displayed


Automatic summing of data values in a stacked bar chart

...lost in the conversion. You can add the values manually.


Size of chart objects... slightly different, affecting word wrapping and alignment of objects that relate to the chart.


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