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January 1999 
Vol. 16, No. 1

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Passwords and UserNames
by Bill McFarland

Our average Extension computer user may have several passwords that are used for access to various elements of our computer environments. Passwords go with UserNames. In this article I am interested in the Extension domain UserName and password, and the e-mail (Outlook) UserName and password.

The Extension domain password is the password used when you turn on your computer in the morning. It goes with your Extension NT domain UserName, which you probably don't have to enter each morning because it comes up in the logon window automatically from the last successful logon.   

The e-mail password is entered when you open Outlook and connect to the e-mail server. If Outlook and Windows are set up correctly, you don't have to enter your UserName each time, but only the Password.

By convention we have made your Extension domain UserName and e-mail UserName the same. Your two Passwords are not necessarily the same, and perhaps should not be. You can change your Extension domain password in the Control Panel under the Password icon. You cannot change your e-mail password here. You must change your e-mail password through the Web interface to the e-mail server. In both cases you must know the old password.

It is important to change your e-mail password from the default as your Outlook was configured to a password that is easy for you to remember, but unlikely that anyone else could guess it. This is important not just because you wouldn't want others to read your mail, but perhaps more importantly, you wouldn't want others to send a message as you. 

To change your e-mail password, bring up Internet Explorer and enter the URL: If you haven't ever seen this before, this is the Web interface to your e-mail, so that you can send and receive e-mail from any Web connected PC anywhere in the world. It also offers you the ability to change your e-mail password. There is a button under the first text box where you would enter your e-mail UserName, if you were going to access your mail box. If your display is set at 640x480, you may not have noticed this button since it may be below the screen. Scroll down to see this button.

 When you select this Change Password button, a web form is displayed. Unfortunately this form uses the term "account" for what otherwise has been called UserName. You must enter your old password, and what your want the new password to be. To prevent accidentally entering something different than what you intended, you must enter the new password twice.

 If you have never changed your e-mail password, please take a few minutes to take care of that today.

Your Extension domain UserName and Password gives you access to the Extension network, including your LAN. It also gives access to other resources that are in the Extension domain, such as Extension Publications online, and servers such as UOEshare.



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