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January 1999 
Vol. 16, No. 1

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Networks and UOEshare
by Bill McFarland

Much Progress is being made in installing Local Area Networks in this third phase of networking county offices. By the end of February, we should have all county offices connected to the MOREnet backbone, our Extension domain, and the Internet. (We get all this on one wire). Almost every standard Extension computer in the field will then be networked.

We have now changed the method for sharing files among our various offices to use one server. This server is named UOEshare. The purpose of this shared service is to provide a general place to temporarily store files that you want others in Extension to retrieve. You may be working together on a PowerPoint presentation, or other document, and you share the file for others to collaborate with you. Large files should also be transferred using this server, rather than attaching to a mail message and taking up storage space in the mail server.  NOTE: the files you place here should not be your only copy of the file, because, having been shared with others in the Extension domain, they have access to delete the files that you saved on this share server. We have provided access to this server and its shared folders in several ways to accommodate our various user's needs.

If you log into the Extension domain when you turn on your computer, then you should get our login script to execute which now provides a mapping of S: drive to this UOEshare server. (If you are not getting this mapping, you may go to Network Neighborhood and find the machine UOEshare).  You may get to the shared folders by using the Explore file manager and the S: drive that you find there. Alternatively, starting at the My Computer Icon should also show you the S: drive. Double clicking on the S: drive should present the organization of shared folders: one for each Region, TCRC, and campus. In each Region's folder you will find folders for each county and the director. You may make folders under your county's folder to further organize the files that you are placing here for sharing. Using copy and paste will transfer your files to and from UOEshare.

You may also FTP to this server. It has the name of, and the shared folders will come up as the first available FTP folder. When you use FTP you will have to use your normal Extension username and password. This is not an anonymous FTP server, since we have site licensed software here for you in our ETCS folders (found under MU Campus folder), Anti-Virus software for instance. See the article in December 1998 Inner Circuits for instructions on FTPing. You may transfer files to or from the server with FTP.

You may also access these shared files using Netscape. The URL to use is

Using Netscape you may only download files from this server, but some may find this method easier than using FTP. You will be prompted for your username and password when you access this server. Use your normal Extension network username and password.



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