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University of Missouri-Columbia   Extension Technology and Computer Services—ETCS

  July 2002
Vol. 19, No. 3

A Technology Newsletter for Extension Specialists



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by Bill McFarland

I owe most of my life to the University of Missouri. In the Fall of 1963, I left home in Sedalia and started school in the Electrical Engineering Department at MU. Except for 2 ½ short years when I worked for McDonnell Douglas Aircraft, I have been with the University, one way or another, ever since. The University has always been good to me, including providing for my early retirement.

A few friends have asked questions in such a manner, that I had to answer, "Hey, I am retiring, not dying". Since this is a voluntary retirement, I really am looking forward to "life after work", starting July 31, 2002. I may even buy a fishing pole.



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