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  July 2002
Vol. 19, No. 3

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Windows Updates
by Charles Baerwald

Some computers have an icon that occasionally appears on the system tray (bottom right of screen) prompting the user to download and install one or more Windows Critical Updates. Critical updates are software patches that apply fixes to Windows and Internet Explorer, and close known security holes in those same programs. These should be downloaded and installed. If it's an inconvenient time to do so, just click "remind me later". The utility is generally set to prompt the user to download updates when available by showing the Windows Update symbol in the system tray. If you click the symbol, you'll be asked if you want to download the updates. The icon will stay in the system tray until the files are completely downloaded, then clicking the system tray icon again allows you to install. Often these updates require a restart. It's best to close all open programs before installing (it's ok to have open programs when downloading). Settings for Windows Update can be found in the Control Panel under the Automatic Updates applet.

Those that do not have the automatic update utility enabled or installed can manually apply critical updates by following the instructions at (click Critical Update Install for Windows ME & 2000 to see the "tip in less than a minute").



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