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  July 1999
Vol. 16, No. 5

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My Mail List?
Isn’t That My Mail Manager?
by Joe Lear

Almost a year ago we sent out the software, My Mail Manager to be used as the primary mail list program for bulk mailings.  This program not only sorts labels by postal tray order, it can even CASS certify your bulk mailing mail list so your office can take advantage of the cheaper bulk mailing rates.  Instructions were sent out on how to install the software and convert your mail list from CIS and WordPerfect to My Mail manager.  Address Checker CD-ROMs have been sent out through the Regional Directors’ offices to allow you to correct and certify your bulk mail list.

This year we have received a new package from My Software Company to replace the My Mail Manager software called My Mail List.  This package is compatible with My Mail Manager and will allow files to be imported from Microsoft Access and Excel.

Where do you get this new software?  We’re planning a training session by ITV on Tuesday August 31, from 9:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. and the software will be available at this session.  If you are having problems using the older software and need the latest version, check with your Regional Director for a copy of the new My Mail List Software.  The very latest version of the program will be available at the ITV training. The morning session will be dedicated to going over the new software and it’s capabilities.  In the afternoon, you will have an opportunity to use the program and ask questions about your particular needs. 

Why use this software?  It can save your office money on any bulk mailing.  Using the My Mail List program in conjunction with an Address Checker CD (being renamed to MyPostageRateSaver in July), which is being sent out every two months (3 copies per region), your bulk mail list can be CASS certified and take advantage of the lower bulk rates.  Any time you send out a flyer for fee-based programs, council elections, or other non-penalty mailings, your office can take advantage of the saving a certified mail list gives you.  Updates for the My Mail List program will also be available when the address checker CD-ROMs are sent out to each region.

Another reason to use the software is sorting into the bundles and the trays for bulk mailing.  The program prints the labels, or envelopes in bundle and tray order printing the instructions for the particular bundle number in the bundle, postal marking and tray.  You can even print out the tray labels and bulk mailing form for the particular job.  The software also prints the labels with the zip+4 barcode once you have checked your mail list with the address checker CD-ROM, saving your office dollars as well.

The program will allow you to keep every address in one file and with proper coding allow you to sort addresses for different needs.  No more searching for the correct address list or making sure each is up to date.  It also eliminates the need to search for duplicates among different address files when combined for a particular job.  The program will also allow you to search for duplicates in the mail list file then purge them to a separate file to retrieve information form the duplicates or just delete them with out saving.

Make sure someone in your office signs up for the August 31 session to learn the latest about handling your bulk mail needs by using My Mail List and MyPostageRateSaver (Formerly MyAddressChecker).



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