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Would You Like to Try a New Desktop Conferencing Product?
by Steve Giesel

If so, read on.

ETCS is investigating Adobe Acrobat Connect as a possible replacement for Centra when our renewal comes up at the end of 2008.  The licensing model we are reviewing is a little different from Centra.  It allows unlimited seats in a conference room where each room is managed by one “Host.”  Only one Event can be held at a time in a room, so concurrent sessions are not possible, but days and times are unlimited.

This model may make more sense for the way many of our active users currently employ Centra.  Let’s say someone has a weekly need for a conference event.  He or she could set up and populate their event, add content, and invite users to the event without needing to go through ETCS each time for setup.  Even though only one “Host” is allowed, it’s still possible to have multiple presenters, or co-leaders.

Such an approach would allow ETCS to purchase “rooms” for the most active users, but still allow us to host additional rooms for less active ones.  We have yet to develop guidelines as to what constitutes an “active user,” so we’ll probably base them on feedback we get from you all.

Many of the tools and controls are similar although the interface is quite different.  Subjectively speaking, our initial tests indicate that voice quality and server turnaround times are superior to Centra.  If you have an existing PowerPoint that you use for a Centra Agenda, you may use it with Adobe Connect also.  No re-creation is necessary. 

If you feel adventurous and would like to try Adobe Connect for you next conference event, please contact me.  Go ahead and use the current scheduling form found at http://etcs.ext.missouri.edu/Documents/Centra%207%20Scheduling%20Form.doc, then attach the form in an email to me at giesels@missouri.edu.  In the subject lines on the form and your email please write ADOBE ACROBAT CONNECT TEST to alert me to your interest.

We are interested in hearing from you and would like feedback about having your own “room” to host as well as what you think after you actually use Adobe Connect.


Last Revised: 08/04/08



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