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The Dog Days of ETCS
by Steve Giesel

Itís that time of year againóthe Dog Days of Summerówhen this poor westerner canít wait for Summer to be over.  Thatís not to say I donít enjoy Summer I do, but having grown up in the Western U.S. and spent most of my adult life there; these sultry, humid days and nights leave me pining for Idaho.  But then 105˚ in the dry Boise climate is still 105˚.

If you read the brief Wikipedia article referenced above, you might think Iím implying ETCS is in a stagnant or unproductive period.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Weíre all working hard to continue supporting your efforts in Extension... and I just needed a suitable attention-getter.  This monthís articles detail a few of the things going on at ETCS right now such as the Quick Tips movies I continue to develop along with an upcoming Centra upgrade, plus a second look at Adobeís Acrobat Connect desktop conferencing software.

Iím including information reviewing the microphone feedback problem some of you have experienced recently.  The fix is simple so if youíre encountering problems be sure to read the article.  Youíll also find a how-to article for streamlining data entry into an Excel spreadsheet.

And finally, Iíve written a brief description of what I intended to accomplish when I first began putting announcements on the ETCS home page.  I hope youíll keep up with them as I believe itís a good way to bring important information to your attention.


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