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Important Centra Upgrade
by Steve Giesel

If youíve been watching the ETCS Website, you may have noticed a recent news item outlining a major upgrade to the Centra servers maintained by Saba Learning, our Centra host.

Centra will be unavailable for the days of Friday July 25th through Sunday the 27th.  The new environment will be available for use Monday July 28th at 8 AM Central time.  If all goes well, the changeover should be transparent to us.  Saba has informed us that the upgrade is needed to improve reliability and capacity for their users.  Hopefully the upgrade will improve speed as well, but that remains to be seen.

Weíve just concluded a Centra Event in the Sandbox environment available to us this week, and all went remarkably well. Login was swift and trouble free, sound and text messaging performed as expected. We didnít have a chance to test the Appshare feature so we donít yet know if thatís more robust. We do have another event later in the week and we will test Appshare then. ETCS will keep you up to date as we learn more.

Finally as a side note, elsewhere in this issue is an article about another desktop conferencing package, Adobe Connect.  We are experimenting with Connect and would like to have volunteers for conference events with this software.  Please contact Carol Palo at paloc@missouri.edu or me at giesels@missouri.edu if you would like to help us out.  Thank you.


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