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More Quick Tips!
by Steve Giesel

I’m a big believer in finding ways to help people help themselves.  That’s one of the main reasons I’m continuing to develop a body of Help Desk documentation in the form of Quick Tips movies.  In our Website’s Help Desk section you’ll find eight new Quick Tips, four for general Sharepoint sites and four for the WebApps reporting system.

Plus I’ve included an updated feature some of you have requested.  There are now periodic stopping points built into the movies where you can choose; “Continue,” or “Repeat Sequence” if you need to replay the steps you’ve just viewed.  I’ll be adding the Continue/Repeat Sequence controls to the other movies as I have time.  This should make them more usable in terms of learning procedural steps.

In the meantime please feel free to peruse the existing movies, and let me know if there are additional topics—general or specific—you’d like to see covered in the Help Desk documentation.


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