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News & Notes
by Steve Giesel

Iíve been quietly doing something since mid 2004, can you guess what that is?  If you are a regular visitor to the ETCS Website, you probably know.

I always felt like we could do a better job of communicating timely information to our users, but I was at a loss about how to proceed.  So what Iíve done for the last 4 years is use the ETCS Home Page as a forum for making brief, relevant announcements to our Extension users.

Periodically I place a dated announcement of one or two lines with a link to more information about the news item.  Anytime Joe Lear sends a mass email to you, I usually duplicate his information there as well.  You can also view all the previous news items from links on that sub-page in our Website.  Predictably, I call this page, News & Notesóand itís available from the main navigation bar in our Website.

I encourage you to bookmark the ETCS Website if for no other reason than to keep up with current items pertaining to Extension.  Besides, that way youíll be that much closer to the Help Desk documentation we continue to develop.


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