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 March 2001
Vol. 18, No. 1

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IT Update
by John Myers

The county IT upgrade plan is moving along. All equipment has been purchased. All 148 new desktops and laptops have been delivered. The hard drives for the Dell computers have finally come in. Within the next month, counties will be receiving the remainder of their new equipment. IT upgrade teams have been established to install the new equipment. These teams will be visiting each county office to install memory, hard drives, printers, scanners, and desktop digital cameras.

After ETCS completes configuration of the new hard drives, we will be ready to start the final phase of the IT upgrade plan. The final phase deals with all other county computers not running Windows Me. In past Inner Circuits articles we have asked counties to schedule times to bring in computers that only need software upgrades. A few counties have done this, but there are still a lot of computers that will need the software upgrades. These software upgrades are a major undertaking. The machines will be reformatted with a fresh install of Windows Me (not updated). Then all standard software will be installed on the computer. The user's data will then be transferred to the machine. The process can take many hours to complete.

ETCS would prefer to perform these upgrades at our office, but can see a need to visit some county offices. If a county has four or more machines that need to be upgraded, then the county can request ETCS personnel to come to their office for the upgrade process. Another avenue we will try is to have ETCS personnel go to the TCRCs and have the county bring the computers to the TCRC nearest them where they will be upgraded.



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