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 March 2001
Vol. 18, No. 1

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New Medicine for your Computer
by John Myers

University Outreach & Extension and MU campus Extension are changing anti-virus software from McAfee to Norton since the whole University has changed to Norton. Instead of a blue and red shield in your system tray, you will now see a gold shield.

We feel that this change is for the better for a number of reasons. Norton seems to update their virus definition files on a more frequent basis. They also incorporate the update process into the main program thus only needing one program whereas McAfee had two programs. If Norton detects a virus that it can't clean, then it puts it into quarantine. A user can't access a file in quarantine thus stopping the spread of the virus. After a virus definition update, the user can run the new definition files against the quarantined files and possibly clean them. This version of Norton has already been installed on all our NT file servers and found 181 files infected, Norton has cleaned all but one file.

Most of the new Gateway computers already have the Norton anti-virus software on them. The county Dell machines will be changed to Norton when the IT upgrade team installs the new hard drives. If you have a machine upgraded to Windows Me and are still using McAfee, please ask the IT upgrade team to install Norton on that machine when they visit your office for the Dell upgrades. All other county machines will be converted when they are upgraded to Windows Me.

Directions for viewing and manually updating the virus definition files can be found on the ETCS web site under
"Tips in < Min" at



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