March 2005
Vol. 22, No. 1

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The Changing Face of ETCS
by John Myers

ETCS has and continues to undergo many changes since the merger of campus and system Extension. People have moved from other units and we have hired a new person. We have grown from ten to fifteen employees. We have also inherited more responsibilities.

The new employees joining ETCS are Paula Hudson, Carol Hutchison, James Meng, Kyle Ming, and Chris Pfingsten. Paula replaces Cindy Martin. She is responsible for the Extension databases and helps users with problems entering or retrieving information. Carol Hutchison joined our ranks bringing her expertise in ITV and Centra scheduling. James Meng comes from the Business and Industry program. He develops and maintains the various databases and web sites used by business specialists. Kyle Ming comes to us from OSEDA. Kyle is a web and database programmer who will be working very hard to provide tools to make your jobs easier. Chris Pfingsten also comes to us from OSEDA. Chris is a valued addition to the pc/network area and has been helping us with our county broadband project.

I've heard from a number of people that our phone tree is too long. We cover a broad range of services. Grouping our people together by function might help you understand ETCS better and give you an idea of who to call. ETCS employees' direct phone numbers are listed at the end of this article.

The majority of our calls are for computer and network support. When your computer doesn't work or you can't connect to the internet or you have questions about the standard software set, you should call Charles Baerwald, Chris Pfingsten, Zimm Reeves, Steve Giesel, or Joe Lear. This covers a lot of territory, so we are working with the TCRCs' IT personnel to allow you the option of calling the nearest TCRC for support. We are presently developing materials to help them in this regard. We really appreciate the help and will announce in Weekly News when things are ready.

Another major area where we provide support is to the Continuing Education units. We have and continue to develop a product called CEIS (Continuing Education Information System) to allow these units to better perform their jobs. CEIS is a relational database that integrates the functions of customer management with mail list, learner registration, and project accounting. Questions in this area should be sent to Paula Hudson, Darlene Schmitz, Ali Saheli, Kirk Sumpter, or Brad Hardin.

We have also taken on the scheduling and support of ITV and Centra. ETCS now has two facilities Extension can use for ITV; room 10 of the Heinkel building for small meetings (6 or less) and room 226 of the Heinkel building for large events (up to 24). We also have a portable ITV unit that can be used in other locations if enough lead time is given to allow the proper setup. We are also supporting the use of the internet meeting software Centra. Extension only has a 50 user license for this product which means that any combination of Centra events at one particular time cannot exceed 50 users. Questions in this area should be sent to Carol Hutchison, Steve Giesel, Charles Baerwald, Chris Pfingsten, Joe Lear, or John Myers.

A new and exciting service is our database support area. Here we will help units develop database and web applications. Our first big project is the redesign of Extension's administrative databases. We are working on a "frequently asked questions" (FAQ)/ask the expert system that any Extension unit can use. Questions in this area should be sent to Paula Hudson, Kyle Ming, James Meng, Kirk Sumpter, Ali Saheli, Brad Hardin, or John Myers.

Our final support area is administrative, inventory, purchasing, billing, etc. Questions in this area should be sent to Jeanne Meyer, Joe Lear, or John Myers.

Direct Numbers (alphabetically):

  • Baerwald, Charles 573-882-7172
  • Giesel, Steve 573-884-6267
  • Hardin, Brad 573-884-4588
  • Hudson, Paula 573-882-7260
  • Hutchison, Carol 573-882-2243
  • Lear, Joe 573-884-3629
  • Meng, James 573-884-8794
  • Meyer, Jeanne 573-882-7130
  • Ming, Kyle 573-882-5482
  • Myers, John 573-882-7284
  • Pfingsten, Chris 573-884-9216
  • Reeves, Zimm 573-882-7691
  • Saheli, Ali 573-882-1704
  • Schmitz, Darlene 573-882-7146
  • Sumpter, Kirk 573-882-6884


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