March 2005
Vol. 22, No. 1

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Trusted Web Sites
by Joe Lear

Tired of having to type in your username and password when asked for access to the Publications web site, UOEShare web site and other University web sites that require your username and logon password? You can set Internet Explorer (IE) to trust the site and it will try to log you on automatically with your username and password.

To trust web sites in Internet Explorer, open IE and click on Tools, and go to Internet Options. Click the Security Tab, and Click the Trusted Sites icon under "Select a Web Content Zone to specify its security settings".

Click the Sites Button under the Select a Web Content Zone Field.

In the Trusted site dialog box that appears, remove the checkmark from "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone".

Type in the "Add this web site to the zone:" field and click the Add Button.

Repeat the process for and (Extension SharePoint Site).

Click OK and OK to return to IE and then try to go to publications or the S drive and you should go directly to the web sites without having to log on.

You can repeat this process for any website on Campus that uses your login username and password.


Last Revised: 08/04/08



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