March 2009
Vol. 25, No. 1

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Wishing for Spring
by Steve Giesel

Welcome and greetings from ETCS.  As Spring is just around the corner, we have a number of things for your consideration that we hope you will find useful.  None of them of course have anything to do with Spring, but a little wishful thinking can't help but lighten your reading mood, enjoy.

This month we have 3 articles from Joe Lear.  He has advice to offer about using the new security package from Microsoft called Forefront.  You will also get information about how to use Office Communicator for instant messaging and voice over the computer.  This is where it's possible to save money in your communication budget, allowing you to use the Web for communications in place of a quick phone conversation.  Joe also gives us some tips about stretching the charge times on our lap top batteries.

Charlie Baerwald provides an update on how the R: drive synchronization works with the laptop computers.  Undoubtedly many of you already make good use of this feature, but we thought an update wouldn't hurt.  Some of you have been encountering problems with your sound when trying to use Adobe Connect, or just after participating in an Adobe event.  Charlie has a tip that may help.

You'll hear from me on three topics this month.  In the past some of you have asked about converting PDF files back to Word documentsówell, contrary to what I've said in the past, it is possible, and easy.  In addition I have an update about Adobe Connect with a link to a scheduling form if you'd like to try an event on Adobe Connect.

If you've ever heard the term "Web 2.0" and wondered what it meant, or wanted to learn more, I have an article touching on the subject with a link to more in-depth information.  Look for articles from us in the future that explore Web 2.0 applications and how you might use them in your work with Extension.


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